MunBiNiKan #2

Join us for 3 public presentations of stories by participants of “MunBiNiKan? What is Standing on your Soul?” workshop series led by Malian Baba Wagué Diakite, artist and founder of Ko-Falen Cultural Center. The event will present personal “stories of our lives” from Portland participants and will end with a short film of storytellers in Mali who are reaching beyond ethnic and religious barriers to acknowledge their commonality in life, and to respect and learn from each other.

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Ko-Falen Cultural Center, located in Bamako, Mali is the inspiration of Baba Wagué Diakité, a Malian artist and writer now living in Portland, Oregon. It has been his dream to share the culture of his homeland with the people of his adopted home.

In Bambara, the word ko-falen means “gift exchange.” Ko-Falen Cultural Center seeks to promote cultural, artistic and educational exchanges between the people of the United States and Mali through art workshops, dance, music and ceremony. We believe that a greater understanding and respect between people can be reached through these personal exchanges.