Tutoring Center

Tutoring Center in the Mango Grove

Ko-Falen Tutoring Center-revised_Page_2

Ko-Falen Tutoring Center-revised_Page_1

Mango Madness 2015 raised money to begin construction of a tutoring center in the mango grove across the street from the Ko-Falen Cultural Center.  Additional funds were raised in 2016 using  gofundme”.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Building Progress 2016/17

Ko-Falen  outgrew its tutoring center space and has built a new tutoring center across the street in the Mango grove.  Images from the construction process are shown below.  Actual construction departed from the original architects proposal because of the difficulty of managing the project long distance from Portland to Bamako.  A simpler roof construction based on ideas from Francis Kéré’s Gando Library project was created by onsite staff.


Making concrete bricks for Ko-Falen’s Tutoring Center


Making the foundations


Building up the walls


Continuing walls with windows/doors


Inside classroom, finishing cap ring for roof and preparing floor for cementing


Completed walls

7_Roof bracing from below

Preparing bracing for pouring concrete ceiling

8_Large Bldg looking NNE after pour

Pouring concrete roof with “pop-out” bucket placeholders for ventilation and lighting


Interior classroom with “aerated” ceiling


Classrooms with cement surface “skinning”



August 2016 – Windows and floor complete – waiting for paint

Moussa 2



KFT Int 2

Modibo in class

The staff and students seem quite happy with the results.  Comments are made on how much cooler it is inside the building compared to outside.  In March 2017, a pair of temperature recording devices were sent to the site.  One was installed in the shade of the mango trees, and the other was placed inside one of the tutoring rooms.  The results of a several day test are shown in the graph below:

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.17.25 PM3

The temperature inside the building is about 2 degrees cooler than outside the building in the shade.  Not a huge difference, but it is very noticeable to the people on site.  It is possible that the temperature can be lowered further when and if additional shading to the structures.


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