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A child is like a tree; if you take good care of it, you will enjoy its shade later in life.

Momentous Moments in Mali by Educator Joyce Lozito

One moment was the joy I felt in seeing the tutoring project in action at the Ko-Falen Center in Mali. It was much more than tutoring. I was impressed how students came prepared, motivated and how hard they worked. The tutoring program taught French, giving students encouragement and support to be successful at school. Students believed that doors were opening for them to enter. Modibo — a passionate, patient and dedicated teacher — is cultivating lifelong learning, giving students a jump start at their education.

Another moment I treasure is when Wagué and I visited Lycée Fily Dabo Sissoko. We visited on a Saturday, a day school is not in session, but many students showed up as well as the entire foreign language staff. The Malian students were being nurtured by teachers stepping away from the rote colonial French system. The new curriculum is participatory, creative and about problem solving. The experience was alive and continues to resonate in all of our hearts.

All over Mali I encountered teachers, artists, merchants, taxi drivers, musicians, travelers on the bus, people celebrating a wedding, neighborhood people and more who were so present. I felt so many acts of kindness, enjoyed so many deep, meaningful and sometimes funny conversations. This contradicts the impression many have of Africa as a place of violence, corruption and chaos. I encourage you to visit this wonderful country. There is no place quite like it. We all stayed healthy, we all traveled safely, we all enjoyed our visit and will return.

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