Youth Association of Soni Tieni

Youth Association of Soni Tieni—$500

The Girl Pionnieres of Soni Tieni have grown into the Youth Association of Soni Tieni, as it now accepts young men into the ranks as well. The focus still includes girl empowerment projects, but they believe that health education, public speaking forums and business planning practices can benefit everyone.

We supported their projects last year with transportation costs for their education outreach performances in outlying villages. Topics included sanitation practices, healthy drinking water, and sickness prevention. We also provided them with a requested camera and photo chip to document their projects. This past winter, American workshop attendees participated in their project of learning the shea butter process by the women of the village.

We also led the Youth Association in building a prototype fuel efficient adobe stove that is easily built to use in homes. These simple double-burner adobe stoves mean less firewood is needed for the daily meals. It is not the ultimate solution for deforestation, but it is a simple step toward a goal that is affordable to everyone. The Youth Association’s goal is to continue their outreach efforts in neighboring villages, as well as build adobe stoves in all of their homes.