New Pilot Projects

Ko-Falen also made progress on two more projects that would support Malian artisans and their families, as well as the neighborhood community surrounding the Center.

Sustainable Organic Gardening

Sustainable Organic Gardening has been an interest of Ko-Falen’s from its first year, as we are situated along a small tributary to the Niger River. Our Center is bordered by gardeners along this creek who make their livelihood on its banks. In Ko-Falen’s courtyard, we now have mature plantings of mango, date, banana, grapes, and citruses. This last year we created our own garden plot in our mango grove adjacent to the Center. Our goal is to encourage organic practices with local gardeners.

Micro-Loan Program

Our textile dyeing instructors approached us with the prospect of a Micro-Loan to help boost their experimentation and production. Two individuals from our workshops offered to loan their personal money for a test pilot for Ko-Falen. With Ko-Falen administering the contract and conditions, we joined in a micro-loan pilot project. At the end of the year, along with the loan reimbursement, the loanees will submit a report documenting their process. Ko-Falen can then decide if we move forward to raise funds for micro-loans, with each loan turning around to sponsor another artisan. Stay tuned to hear more about these projects in the future.

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