School Sponsorship of Youth in Bamako

Public School Sponsorship of Neighborhood Youth in Bamako — $1500

Through talks with craftsmen in our neighborhood, we have found one of their challenges is paying annual public school fees for their children. By sponsoring these children in school, we support their formal education, while honoring their family’s vocation as a valued part of society. We guarantee this annual fee in subsequent years for these students, while growing the number of student sponsorships annually. This coming year we will sponsor 25 students by paying their public school fee.

When parents attending this year’s first Ko-Falen school meeting discovered that all the children present outnumbered the 20 sponsorships we had to offer, they agreed among themselves that they would each give up a portion of their child’s sponsorship to make sure every child had an equal opportunity to learn.

The parents explained, “What the Americans are telling by their actions, is that children belong to all of us. Therefore as they are helping us, we must also help each other. It is from their example that we make this group decision.

Our relationship is a fair trade. You welcomed us and we welcomed you back. But we get more, because it is less struggle for us as parents to have financial help. Thank you Ko-Falen for paying our children’s tuitions for school. I only wish longevity for this program. This is the voice of your balaphone music lady that plays for you in the mango grove every year.” — Niele Traore, musician.