Tutoring at Ko-Falen Cultural Center

Free Tutoring at Ko-Falen Cultural Center — $3300 + $200 for materials

While recognizing the importance of keeping young people in school, we also acknowledge the incredible strain of teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom. Many classrooms in the city of Bamako have 100 students to one teacher. The most successful students are those whose families can augment their classroom education with private tutors.

For the students we sponsor with public school fees, we offer free after-school tutoring sessions at Ko-Falen. In its fourth year, this program has become popular with neighborhood families who attribute their children’s success in the classroom to the personal attention given by Ko-Falen’s master-teacher Modibo Diakité. Last year, families requested his tutoring sessions continue through two months of summer to guarantee their children’s continued success in the classroom. Our tutoring program boasts 100% attendance. Every tutored child passed to their next grade level this school year, and many have risen to the top of their class. This is a glowing achievement for our students.

Congratulations to our Tutored Student, Kadiatou Touré

Kadiatou began her education right at Ko-Falen. As an 8-year-old, she had never been to school. Our teacher Modibo agreed to teach her to read and write. He soon discovered she was a very bright and dedicated student, and encouraged her parents to enroll her in public school, with the guarantee that Ko-Falen would pay her public school fees.

Initially the public schools turned Kadiatou away as she was too old, but Modibo insisted they test her. She placed high enough in the exams to be allowed a place in school. Ko-Falen has sponsored her school fee for three years now and she continues to be tutored in our free after-school program. This year Kadiatou moved up into her proper grade level and is seventh in her class of 103 students.

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“”This is a great help to us!! We’re fortunate to continue to see this relationship between Ko-Falen and us open other doors like teaching our kids and paying their school tuition. To me, you are following your word of promise from the beginning. We are all satisfied and our children are quite lucky to have the opportunity. Now we hope that this program lasts many long years to come because as you may have noticed we are all artisans, masons and gardeners. We are poor, but we can share our talents with you also.”

— Banoumou Ballo, Blacksmith